from a white wall....(painting a space and transforming it with pictures)

Thanks to Ja young for the white structure and Ester and brindalyn for posing with the dresses.

video performance


what happens when you drink too much coke

Some pictures of my studio

The view from the dining hall

my costume for the costume ball

some shoeees¡

Barbie of liberty

updating how my studio looks

something im working on

Jacolby Satterwhite performing


inspiring selfportrait

Visita al museo de Wilheim Reich

New haircut by Tara Pelletier

Parte de un proyecto

brand im working on

Jalcoby´s performance picture

Tameka Reshoot

@ Belfast


alguito de lo que estoy haciendo

a part of a new project

Tameka 2

Kathy´s studio visit


4th of july parade @ Athens

Studio Visit.... Tamy Ben tor

En Afianzar en la ONG


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