Dumpster´s visit

@ my monitor job

my new friend

A corner of my studio

A reminder of my car

Studio visit... Hasan Elahi

at the sculpture workshop

my friend carmen´s portrait

One of the projects im working on

A chair I painted for Kathy Bradford

Little horse campus tour

In the sculpture barn.

In the media lab

Outside the fresco barn

In the fresco barn for lunch

At the library

Skowhegan Insects 2

Little horse in the woods

A glimtse of my new project

My new horse.... 2.50 $

A little project im working on

Works slideshow

Naya´s prensentation

Brandon Cox ´s amazing work

A really amazing performance

My friend rachel´s work

One of the pictures of my slideshow

@ wallmart and dollar tree

Errand day

Visita de Ernesto Pujol a mi estudio

Un dia haciendo FRESCOS

Pintando sillas en mi estudio

En mi nuevo studio, por 2 meses


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